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My new blog

Hello world!

This is my weblog and it is a very new experience for me. The title and sub-title demands some explanation: Uppyn is the name of my viking ancestors and it is an inspiring thing to be able to refer to one’s ancestry in the title of this blog. The sub-title is pretty obvious: the world through Dutch eyes in Sydney.  This blog will therefore  be all about how I perceive the world while I live in Sydney. My observations, some of which will be serious, some funny (you be the judge of that), some stimulating will be presented here.

I start this blog as well to find easier ways to communicate with friends, family and anybody who would be interested. A few topics hold my profound interest:

  • Science
  • Global warming
  • Movies and music

And I will blog about these topics more than about others. I also hope that this blog can become a place where I can show the strangeness of the world and share it with you.

Finally, as a non-native speaker, I hope that this blog will help me improve my English language skills as well as my ability to commit my thought to paper (in an internet kind of way).

This blog is a kind of experiment and I thought that the following quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson is very fitting:

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

Enjoyable reading!



Hello world!

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